Danny “The Miracle Man” Jacobs, a former, long-reigning 160-pound WBA world champion came good last Friday when he came face-to-face against long time middleweight contender – Gabe Rasado.

Both were campaigning at the 168-pound limit on Friday night from the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, in Hollywood, Florida. Jacobs is looking to secure another word title shot, probably at 168-pounds, or even back at his natural 160. Rasado, who was coming into the fight with half as many losses as wins, albeit against elite competition, was looking to stay alive and relevant at the world class level.

After 12 rounds, Jacobs (37-3, 30 KO’s) did just enough according to the ringside judges to win the bout by split decision over a frustrated Rosado (25-13-1 14 KO’s). In reality, despite some heat between the two fighters at the pre-fight pressers and weigh-in, it was much more of a boxing clinic and tactical affair – never heating up into much for either fighter.

The scores were tight with two judges seeing it for Jacobs at 115-113, while one judge went with Rosado at 115-113. The fight didn’t reveal a whole lot as to what’s next for either guy as neither of the fighters made a definitive statement. As a result, both will be back (one would assume) to show they have more to give than this.

After the bout, in post-fight interviews, both fighters were clearly frustrated with the results.

“I didn’t think I did the best performance. I could’ve did a little bit better,” Jacobs said. “It’s my fault. We had a great camp and I obviously didn’t do everything I should have. I was looking for the right hand, but I guess I got right hand happy. I should’ve stuck to the game plan. He’s a game opponent. I didn’t think it was that close by far”, he said. “A fight like this is only for a stepping stone. I still feel like there’s more to me that hasn’t been seen,” Jacobs.

Rosado, who really needs a big win at this stage of his career, was quite emotional.

“Yo, I felt I won the fight. I surprised him. I out-boxed him, I out-jabbed him, I countered him, I made him miss big shots,” said Rosado. “Even when they said the decision, he was disappointed. He had the look on his face of defeat. That man didn’t do nothing to me! He put more hands on Canelo and Golovkin than he did on me”, he said. “This man went through a battle with GGG, he went through a battle with Canelo, and I made it look easy! I thought I made it look easy!” Rosado said. “I was jabbing up and down, I hit him with big right hands, I slipped and moved when it was time to, and it was time to exchange he really didn’t want to, he was the one doing the clinching.”

Source: Bill Tibbs