Former Black Stars captain and striker of Ghana Premier League side [Legon Cities], Asamoah Gyan has returned fire to the Kotoko supporters that booed him last Saturday at the Accra Sports Stadium on matchday 22 when The Royals faced the Porcupine Warriors.

Asante Kotoko won the three points at stake, but what dominated, and is still dominating the headlines is how a section of the Kotoko supporters booed at Asamoah Gyan when he was being introduced into the game in the second half when Legon Cities were already down by a goal.

An astonished Gyan, however, registered his displeasure through the media in the post match conference where he said the Kotoko supporters should be grateful to witness him play in the Ghana Premier League and that there is only one Baby Jet.

As if registering his displeasure through the media was not enough, Asamoah Gyan on Sunday did a special video to address the supporters of Asante Kotoko [Accra based] who he describes as hypocrites.

In the video, the Baby Jet advised the supporters to stop using his name [fame] to boast at various immigration checkpoints outside Ghana only to come and boo at him at stadium just because he is not playing for their team.

The former Al Ain goal monger further reiterated in the video that if the Kotoko supporters think their players are that relevant, then they should use their names instead whenever they travel outside Ghana rather than using his name [Gyan] to boast in such situations:

“This goes out to the supporters in Accra about what happened yesterday. I am also a Kotoko fan, you can choose to say whatever you wanna say, but what you guys did [yesterday] was unnecessary.

“Now we know we are all hypocrites so I’ll advice them same way, when they travel outside [Ghana] they should mention their players names outside because, fine, they are proud of their players right?

“Same way if they get to immigration [outside Ghana] and they are checking their passport, they should mention their players names.

“You cannot be hypocrites. When you go out and you take a player’s name [like Gyan] and boast and say, ‘Baby Jet,’ he is from Ghana and I am a Ghanaian, bla bla bla!!!

“And then, when you see me at the stadium you start booing which means you are hypocrites. If you boo me because of something then yeah, but if you boo me because of nothing then you just want to be hypocrite.

“So when you go outside, then you mention your players names and boast with it. Don’t mention my name because I am not part of the Kotoko team. I play for Legon Cities.

“So this goes to the Kotoko fans in Accra.

“I want to emphasis this, because Kotoko has a huge fan base in Ghana so I am not talking about the whole Kotoko fans [nationwide] but those who are Accra based.

“I always tell them that there is only one Baby Jet.

“I cannot be like them, and they can also not be like me. That’s my life.

“Anything that happens in my life, I’ll deal with it so if you want to be hypocrite and when you see me in a crowd [stadium] and you decide to do something just to please the people around then, that is hypocrite.

“If you meet me one-on-one and you cannot do it in front of me, then you are a hypocrite.

“But when you see people around you want to show off, then you are a coward.”

Asamoah Gyan is yet to score a goal for the relegation threatening Legon Cities since joining The Royals during the last summer transfer window.


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