Dutch professional footballer Memphis Depay has pledged to help develop blind and deaf sports in Ghana.

Born to a Ghanaian father and a Dutch mother, the Lyon winger [Memphis] visited his motherland [Ghana] last month with his friends and organized sports activities for some selected blind and deaf Senior High Schools [SHS] in his father’s home town – Cape Coast under his foundation named “The Genesis.”

Memphis [24] presented sports equipments to the participating schools and promised to use his foundation to raise funds to support the Ghana Blind Sports Association [GBSA] and the Ghana Deaf Sports Federation [GDSF] in other to develop the sports in the various senior high schools.

The former Manchester United forward [Memphis] took part in some of the disciplines done by the virtually impaired as well as children with hearing impairment.

There were activities such as volleyball, football, athletics, cultural display, Goalball and showdown tennis.

After his experience with the children both on and off the field, Memphis categorically said that “ these are the people we need to help. I decided to come to Ghana [Cape Coast] to have fun with the children who can’t see and can’t hear.”

Memphis Depay in Ghana
Memphis Depay in Ghana

“Myself and my friends will team up to help them enjoy sports,” he added.

A special conference was also held. The purpose of the conference was to deliberate on the way forward of the project and it’s sustainability for the future.

Participants were drawn from the Ghana Education services, the Ghana Blind Union, Ghana Blind sports Association, Ghana Deaf Sports Federation, the national paralympic committee, the national sports authority, Ministry of Youth and Sports, the media and other disability groups.

After the conference a committee was set up to stair the project with a set target of making sure that the project takes off in October this year 2018 . Memphis Depay and his team also promised to come back to Ghana in October this year to access the progress of the project.

The Genesis project with the theme ‘sharing and caring’ is a brain child of Memphis Depay and his friends.

President of the Ghana Blind Sports Association – Eric Kissi showed appreciation to Memphis Depay and his friends and promised that his outfit will take advantage of the project and build on it.

“We at the Ghana Deaf Sports Federation See’s this project from Memphis Depay as a blessing to our progress.

“Mind you the aim is to develop sports in the Senior High Schools and that is what we lack us a country.

“We will take advantage of this project and build on it to make sure we Deaf sports develops to the higher height.

Source: Philip Otuo