Hansle Parchment owes his 110m hurdles gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to the benevolence of a female volunteer called Tijana Stojkovic.

How did it happen

The Jamaican track and field athlete [Parchment] missed the right bus to take him from the games village to the athletics field for the semi-final having mistakenly boarded the one to the aquatic venue instead.

But having realized he was on the wrong bus in the middle of the journey, Parchment got off and tried to get assistance from the official cars at the Olympic event to take him to the track and field stadium but unfortunately for the Jamaican sprinter they were all booked.

This forced the stranded Parchment to approach a female volunteer for help.

What did Tijana Stojkovic do?

110m hurdles gold medallist – Parchment Hansle poses with Tijana Stojkovic

The roles of volunteers at Games do not include financial assistance, but luckily for Hansle Parchment, he was able to get the financial help he needed so badly from Tijana Stojkovic to take taxi to the track and field stadium in Tokyo to help him compete.

How Parchment described the incident

“I saw this volunteer and I had to beg, ‘cause of course she is not allowed to do much, and she actually gave me some money to take one of the taxis.

“And that’s how I was able to get to the warm-up in time, and had enough time to compete.”

Hansle Parchment went ahead to win the men’s 110m hurdles final at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium on August 5 having ran 13.04 seconds, ahead of Grant Holloway [13.09], and Ronald Levy [13.10].

Having been moved by Tijana Stojkovic’s selflessness, tourism minister of Jamaica – Edmund Bartlett has invited the volunteer to the great Island nation.

By James K. Attaglo Wilson