Floyd Mayweather Jr. may have the advantage in the ring, but he has no answer for Conor McGregor on the microphone.

That much was evident Wednesday in Toronto, where Mayweather took a verbal beating from McGregor during Round 2 of the four-stop promotional tour for their Aug. 26 fight in Las Vegas.

McGregor displayed his trash-talking skills Monday in Los Angeles, but admitted he was caught off guard by the format of the press conference and also had his microphone cut off while Mayweather was talking.

It was a different story on Wednesday. The loquacious Irishman, with the crowd firmly behind him, owned the stage and delivered one shot after another — none more biting than a perfectly executed jab at Mayweather’s literacy.

“What the [expletive] is he wearing. He looks like a little breakdancer — a little 12-year-old breakdancer [expletive],” McGregor began. “What the [expletive]. He’s 40! You’re 40 years of age. Dress your [expletive] age.”

“Carrying a school bag on stage. What are you doing with a school bag on stage? You can’t even read.”


That joke got by far the biggest reaction from the crowd, but it was just one of many.

There was this bit on Mayweather’s penchant for exotic dancers, with a current events twist.

“Fifty strippers on his payroll this man has. What the [expletive] is he doing with that strip club? Shout out to all the stripper [expletive] on his payroll. At least Rob Kardashian only had one.”

Although it wasn’t fresh material, McGregor also critiqued Mayweather’s fighting style and the size of his head when discussing his odds of winning the fight.

“You’re [expletive] crazy if you think this man stands a chance. His head is too small. One shot is all it takes me.

“Check the facts. I bounce heads off the canvas and dribble that [expletive]. He tip-tap-toes to a decision — he’s never fought a day in his life. He’s a runner. He’s boxing’s biggest [expletive].”

Even when Mayweather had the stage, McGregor was quick to counter.

Like this exchange:

Floyd: “And they said I’m the [expletive] who can’t read. [expletive] I do numbers! I make money. You know my middle name.”

Conor: “You owe money.”

Or this one:

Floyd: “I feel good. I’m 40 and I look 20.”

Conor: “You act 10.”

Then of course there was the whole Irish flag episode, where McGregor snatched Mayweather’s backpack from the stage and opened it to reveal the contents to the crowd.

“That’s it? There’s about five grand in here. [expletive] me.”

Despite all the punishment McGregor inflicted on Wednesday, Mayweather took it like a champ.

“He’s entitled to feel how he wants to feel. It’s about giving people entertainment and I think both press conferences were unbelievable,” Mayweather said afterwards.

“Why would I be upset? I live a comfortable life, I made smart investments and I’m A-ok.”

Source: Mackenzie Liddell| Cagewriter