Heavyweight boxing marvel, Tyson ‘Gypsy King’ Fury weighed in over half a stone lighter than his last fight for his showdown with Otto Wallin on Saturday night.

The heavyweights tipped the scales in Las Vegas ahead of their ceremonial weigh-in later today, with Fury sporting his trimmest figure since November 2015.

Fury weighed in at 245.4lbs, nine pounds lighter than when he fought Tom Schwarz just 13 weeks ago. The drop in weight may be a hint to Fury’s game plan, with the Gypsy King appearing to anticipate a quick-moving Wallin.

The Swedish [Wallin] fighter came in significantly lighter than Fury, posting 236lbs on the scales.

Below are the weigh-in results:

Tyson Fury 254.4 lbs vs. Otto Wallin 236 lbs

(Fury’s Lineal Heavyweight title – 12 Rounds)

Emanuel Navarrete 121.8 lbs vs. Juan Miguel Elorde 121.2 lbs

(Navarrete’s WBO Junior Featherweight world title – 12 Rounds)

Jose Pedraza 139.5 lbs vs. Jose Zepeda 139.4 lbs

(Super Lightweight – 10 Rounds)

Carlos Cuadras 115.6 lbs vs. Jose Maria Cardenas 115.2 lbs

(Super Flyweight – 10 Rounds)

Gabriel Flores Jr. 132.6 lbs vs. Miguel Angel Aispuro 132.6 lbs

(Lightweight – 8/6 Rounds)

Isaac Lowe 127.4 lbs vs. Ruben Garcia Hernandez 127.2 lbs

(Super Featherweight – 10/8 Rounds)

Iskander Kharsan 122.4 lbs vs. Isidro Ochoa 122 lbs

(Super Bantamweight – 8 Rounds)