Head coach of Legon Cities Football Club [LCFC] – Bashir Hayford has made a strong case for teams that are battling relegation in the Ghana Premier League.

According to the experience manager, finding a team at the tail end of the table does not necessarily mean that particular team is bad after all because the team could be suffering from other circumstances beyond form.

Bashir Hayford made this assertion on Monday after The Royals 1-0 win against Inter Allies Football Club who are lying at the bottom of the 2020/21 Ghana Premier League table with 26 points.

“Sometimes you’ll find a team lying at the bottom not because they don’t know how to play, but due to other circumstances.

“Maybe they didn’t start well like how we [Legon Cities] started. For about five or six matches we were also lying at the bottom and you have to struggle in such situations.

“In fact, playing a league is just like a long distance race. If you don’t start well and people take the lead it is very difficult to catch up with them because you’ll have to use extra energy to catch them.”

The experience gaffer further reiterated that Inter Allies made things very difficult for his players throughout the game and that the only thing that separated the two sides was the lone goal.

“Their fighting spirit was very very high and desperate too so they made the game difficult for us. When you play a club and their fighting spirit is higher than you, they always give you a tough time and that’s exactly what happened.

“I think what separated us was the goal so we’ll thank God for that and forge forward.”