Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, as quiet as he is, has become a central figure in the attention-generating Ball Family hype machine run by LaVar Ball.

So, when his younger brother, LiAngelo Ball, got arrested for allegedly shoplifting during a UCLA team trip to China, of course Lonzo was asked about it.

Lonzo Ball says he has not yet spoken to his family, including his brother, UCLA freshman LiAngelo Ball, who was released on bail in Hangzhou, China, after being arrested for allegedly shoplifting Tuesday afternoon.

LiAngelo Ball
LiAngelo Ball
“No, I haven’t talked to any of them yet,” Lonzo Ball said after the Lakers’ shootaround on Wednesday morning. “I know they are all over there in China taking care of it, so I will talk to them when they get back.”

I’m not entirely convinced Lonzo hasn’t spoken to his family, but what is he supposed to say about it? This is LiAngelo’s problem. There isn’t much Lonzo can do. (LaVar, in China, is a different story.)

Lonzo is used to focusing on basketball amid LaVar’s numerous self-generated controversies. I suspect Lonzo is employing similar strategy here.

Source: Dan Feldman| NBC