Jamaica’s junior triathlete Llori Sharpe said she is eagerly anticipating strong competition when she arrives in Brazil for the Junior Pan American Championships in Brasilia, Brazil on Sunday, June 24.

Sharpe, 17, left Jamaica on Tuesday, on her way to Brazil where she will be among 27 elite junior females and one of four athletes representing the Caribbean region participating in the female sprint triathlon division.

The other Caribbean athletes are from Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic.

The sprint triathlon involves a 750m swim, a 20km bike ride and a five-kilometre-run and Sharpe said she is eager to do well for her country.

Llori Sharpe
Llori Sharpe
“I am definitely excited headed into this race,” said Sharpe, who finished 22nd at the Commonwealth Games in Australia in April.

“I am looking forward to the new experience because I have never been to Brazil, and of course, the good competition that I will be facing from the other junior triathletes.

“I’m just looking forward to representing Jamaica well and moreso the Caribbean as I am one of the four Caribbean triathletes to race in the championships and looking forward to performing at my best.”

In addition to the female junior athletes from the region, three of the 50 male participants will be from Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic. Points won during the competition will go towards Sharpe’s triathlon ranking.

Source: Leighton Levy|| SportsMax