Contrast to comments on social media and commentators alike about the attitude of Liverpool players in their 4-0 defeat to Manchester City yesterday, Jurgen Klopp came to the defense of his players in the post match interview.

Liverpool did not simply put on a show as the players looked quite lethargic all night and off the pace they have exhibited through out the season, but Klopp thinks otherwise.

“I saw brilliant attitude. We didn’t behave like players who became champions a week ago,” Klopp told Sky Sports.

“We lacked fluidity and in some 50-50 situations they were quicker than us in the mind: the first goal it felt like we left Joe (Gomez) five minutes alone with Sterling – there has to be another player.

“They used their chances, not all but a lot, and we didn’t. City 100 per cent deserved to win but 5-3 would have been possible as well. But that doesn’t make it better.

“We had moments, we had chances. We didn’t use them. We had moments when we could have scored and we didn’t. It is all OK. It is not nice and not what we wanted but I wanted to see we had the right attitude. The result we have to take.

“I think we proved that City are an unbelievably good team. I saw City’s season, I didn’t see a bad game even when they lost.”