Liverpool fans have demanded that the Champions League final against Real Madrid be replayed after it was discovered that goalkeeper Loris Karius suffered a concussion supposedly in a challenge with Sergio Ramos.

Liverpool lost 3-1 on the night, and Karius was faulted for Real’s first and third goals, passing the ball to Karim Benzema to roll the ball into an empty net and fumbling a Gareth Bale long-range shot over the line.

However, on Monday, doctors from Massachusetts General Hospital, where Karius had flown to receive scans, announced that the German goalkeeper suffered a concussion during the match, which meant “visual spatial dysfunction existed and likely occurred.”

The doctors explained that it “could be possible that such deficits would affect performance.”

Footage from the match on May 26 showed Karius collided with Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos’ elbow near the goal-line just before the first goal, after which the keeper appeared to hold his head and complain to the referee, but he did not require treatment.

Loris Karius
Loris Karius
Now, livid Liverpool fans are calling for the match to be replayed. One user directly tweeted the competition, addressed from the club. “Dear Champions League I demand a rematch. Regards LFC.”

“Come rematch us you cowards Real Madrid re: Karius concussion,” wrote another. “Rematch & red card Ramos. Who says no?”

Liverpool fans have already taken the defeat rather sorely. Some even created a petition, which has garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures, calling for Ramos to be retroactively punished by UEFA and FIFA.

One Liverpool fan even went as far as to challenge Ramos to face him in a boxing match for charity. The offer didn’t receive a formal response.

Source: RT