Former junior middleweight champion Tony Harrison and 5:1 underdog Bryant Perrella battled to a 12-round draw at Shine Exposition Center in Los Angeles, Ca Saturday night.

Scores were an interesting 116-112 for Harrison, and equally interesting 117-111 Perrella, and 114-114.

In the opening stanza, Perrella, a southpaw, moved slightly to his left and jabbed. Harrison landed rights to body and head. Perrella (17-3-1, 14 KOs) connected with a sneaky right. Perrella fired a few combinations. Harrison snapped (28-3-1, 21 KOs) his head back with a straight right. Perrella, who was once 14-0, landed a counter. Harrison dug to the body.

Perrella, trained by Hall of Famer Roy Jones, was busy in round three. Harrison stalked and looked to rock. Instead, he walked into some shots. Harrison, who lost his father and title last year, clipped Perrella with a right, but the underdog kept working and landing enough to win the round.

Harrison looked to up the ante in round four. Perrella continued to get off first. Harrison stabbed Perrella with jabs. A right to the chest looked good. He was getting closer. Perrella kept Harrison off balance in round five. Harrison found pay dirt with a right. He opened up with a three-punch combination. Perrella came out punching in round six. Three uppercuts landed. A left appeared to buzz the former champion. Harrison ripped to the body. Perrella was having a good round.

In round seven, Perrella backed Harrison up. His jab scored. A follow-up left landed. Harrison connected with a glancing blow. Through seven rounds Perrella appeared to have the edge. Harrison tried to get off first in round eight. He needed to do more of that. Perrella went to the body. A lead left scored. Harrison was fighting at the same pace while Perrella was outworking him. Harrison needed to pick it up.

Harrison connected with a hard right in round nine. Perrella, a crafty fighter, bobbed and weaved. He scored with lefts. The winner might who’s in better condition. Perrella got off first in round 10. He landed a right. Seconds later a left. He backed up Harrison but ate a hard right. Harrison did well with his jab. He landed another right in round 11. Perrella clipped Harrison with jabs. And a left. Harrison went to the body. Perrella was the busier boxer.

In the 12th and final round, Perrella stabbed Harrison with jabs. He landed a left but ate a counter right. Harrison jabbed and went to the body. Perrella connected with a good counter shot. He pushed Harrison into the ropes.