While Barcelona racks its brains to finish its restructuring, Lionel Messi is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in the best place in the world: Miami.

The Argentine star has chosen the charming people and beaches of South Florida to rest up after winning the 2021 Copa América.

Despite the fact that he has two properties on the beach, Messi preferred to rent a luxurious beachfront mansion in Key Biscayne to install his entire family.

At the gate of the luxurious property, the down-to-earth Leo delighted his youngest fans with selfies and autographs. He couldn’t do that the other day when he visited Café Ragazzi in Miami Beach. He was ushered away after an enthusiastic crowd mobbed the place.

Messi is so happy in the 305 that he has been brave enough to post photos of the various places he has been on his social media.

His last stop was the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino near Hollywood, Florida; the luxurious guitar-shaped building is also known for its famous casino. Messi stayed in one of its impressive suites and has posted various photos.

In one of these photos he is seen with his family, but in another he appears with a huge hamburger stuck with a knife, which has caused a huge stir. Hard Rock, with whom he recently signed an advertising deal, quickly shared the iconic image.

The image contrasts with what is said about soccer players’ diets and his followers took the chance to take a jab at Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, reminding him of what happened in the Euro Cup.

This Tuesday, Messi and his wife, the Argentine Antonella Roccuzzo, visited a Walgreens where COVID-19 vaccines are available.

Antonella came out with a red Band-Aid on her shoulder, which makes it very likely that she got a dose, but it is unknown if Leo was vaccinated or not. Most likely, the Argentine star was inoculated before playing the Copa América.

Source: Pedro González