Football star Lionel Messi was controversially denied a clear goal that robbed Barcelona of victory against rivals Valencia.

The La Liga thriller between the league’s top two teams on the ladder ended in 1-1 draw despite Messi seemingly scoring what would have been the decisive goal.

In the 30th minute Messi fired a shot from just outside the area that was fumbled by Valencia goalkeeper Neto, went through his legs and crossed the goal line before he slapped it out.

Despite protest from Barcelona players who celebrated the goal, referee Ignacio Iglesias and his assistant did not see the ball cross the goal line and neither did they have the option to refer to VAR technology, and so the goal was not recognised.

Furiously looking Messi questioning referee Ignacio Iglesias
Furiously looking Messi questioning referee Ignacio Iglesias
Rodrigo put Valencia in front in the 60th minute, until Jordi Alba’s late heroics salvaged a draw for Barcelona.

The ability to review contentious moments in a football game has been brought into domestic leagues in the US, Italy, Germany, and in Australia’s A-League, but not yet in La Liga.

The English Premier League has promised to allow VAR technology from next season.

President of La Liga Javier Tebas initially claimed the technology was too expensive to bring in to Spanish football but earlier this month he said they plan to use it from next season.

Source: Melanie Dinjaski|| Wide World of Sports