LeBron James took some fashion-police heat for his attire before Game 1 of the NBA Finals, rocking an expensive suit with shorts while accenting the look with boots and shin-high socks, only one of which was marked with stripes.

For Sunday’s Game 2, James returned to a version of the ensemble, and why not? While his Cavaliers lost the series opener against the Warriors, James was by far the best player on the court, dropping 51 points — fifth-most all-time for a single game in the NBA’s championship round — with eight rebounds and eight assists.

For his second act, the Cleveland superstar went with a sportier look, wearing a hooded shirt under his suit coat, and opting for white sneakers with red socks (albeit with the one striped sock again), instead of boots with gray socks. Oh, and he was carrying something akin to a fancy duffel bag, rather than the $41,000 alligator bag he toted on Thursday.

This time, though, Golden State had an answer. Draymond Green wore his own suit coat/shorts combo to Oakland’s Oracle Arena.

LeBron James wearing suit with shorts to NBA Finals, Game 2
LeBron James wearing suit with shorts to NBA Finals, Game 2
Now, before you call Green a copycat, be advised that he had already taken credit for James’s Game 1 look, pointing that he had worn such an ensemble at the NBA Awards in June 2017. “I started that trend a long time ago,” Green said Saturday (via SI’s Ben Golliver). “Go check the pictures.”

So, the obvious question became: Who wore it better? It says here that Green had the superior look. The color of his attire bespoke a more casual vibe that went far better with the sneakers, plus he went with low-cut socks — and he won the battle of accessories hands-down by holding a young child, rather than an duffel bag.

Of course, the greater battle was yet to come, but it’s never too early to start winning the mind games, particularly for Green, who infamously was baited by James into a series-turning suspension in the 2016 Finals. Meanwhile, how long before we all start dressing this way?

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