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The purpose of the maiden interaction between the GFA Normalization Committee and the press was completely thrown out of gear on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 when lawyer Dua-Adonteng [A member of the Normalization Committee] instead of staying focused rather decided to harvest okro from the moon at night.

Lawyer Dua-Adonteng could not control his temper when a veteran journalist – Ekow Asmah quizzed why the press would be asked to applaud for someone [Dua-Adonteng] for showing up late.

“Did I hear you say we should clap for him for coming late,” Ekow Asmah asked after the MC [Dan Kwaku Yeboah] had prayed the house to welcome Mr. Dua-Adonteng with a clap offering.

“I didn’t appreciate the fact that we were asked to clap for him when he came very late,” Ekow Asmah adds.

But the legal luminary could not take it cool as he ordered the veteran journalist to keep quiet for he does not know the reason of his late arrival:

“You don’t know what you are talking about, please keep quiet!

“Have you asked me why I came late? Mr. Dua-Adonteng rhetorically quizzed.

Mr. Ekow Asmah who strongly holds the view that the conduct of the Normalization Committee should mirror the conduct of the incoming Ghana Football Association recounted how the media was held hostage on the day the Normalization Committee was going to be outdoored:

“The first time the Normalization Committee was going to be outdoored, members of the media were waiting in the sun for about two and half hours before [press briefing] it started and that isn’t professional so punctuality is very important.”

This infuriated lawyer Dua-Adonteng to the marrow as he told the journalist that he is not interested in his ‘stupidity.’

Though worried by the turn of event Ekow Asmah stated it clearly that the conduct of lawyer Dua-Adonteng does not befit a member of such an august committee and must be oust:

“As a member of the Normalization Committee I expect that you set a very good example because this is a very bad example and the conduct is not befitting a member that is leading the transition to the new FA and it must be pointed out that he’s not fit to be on this committee,” Ekow Asmah said unequivocally.

Dan Kwaku Yeboah and Abraham Boakye pleading with Ekow Asmah to hand over the mic
Dan Kwaku Yeboah and Abraham Boakye pleading with Ekow Asmah to hand over the mic
As the thespianism reached its crescendo, the Chairman of the Normalization Committee [Dr. Kofi Amoah] could not bury his anger as he also jabbed [softly though] the veteran journalist who was on his feet contemporaneously seeking for clarity.

“It’s okay, It’s okay. Don’t let him get to you,” Dr. Kofi Amoah told the highly inflamed Dua-Adonteng.

“Don’t go down to his level,” Dr. Kofi Amoah added before asking the MC [Dan Kwaku Yeboah] to retrieve the mic from Ekow Asmah.

Ekow Asmah [right] embracing lawyer Dua-Adonteng after the press conference
Ekow Asmah [right] embracing lawyer Dua-Adonteng after the press conference
Meanwhile, Mr. Kwabena Yeboah [President of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana] was able to cool down the two hearts as he asked each party to apologize and retract their earlier comments.

The two gentlemen gladly accepted Kwabena Yeboah’s advise and smoked the peace pipe before the press conference came to a halt.