By El-Amisty Nobo

World Martial Arts Committee champion, Lawrence ‘The Punisher’ Nyanyo Nmai has spoken about his last fight with Daniel Dorrer in December 2016.

Speaking to Lawrence elucidated that fighting outside your own country is a different ball game all together.

“It is a little bit different when fighting in another country because it’s like one man fighting against a whole nation.”

“I think hard work won the day for me because I had a problem with my knuckles so I had to fight through the rounds with a single hand so it wasn’t easy at all and my opponent [Dorrer] too was a tough customer,” he stated.

“In Germany, it is difficult to win a fight without knocking your opponent out, but at the end of the fight the three judges saw that I deserved the win and gladly ruled in my favour,” Lawrence added.

Born in Ghana, Lawrence moved to the Netherlands to master his skills as a Muay Thai Kickboxer.

The SWAG Kickboxer of the Year [2016] further reiterated that he and his team are in negotiation with some foreign promoters in relation to staging a world title fight [kickboxing] in Ghana which he believes will help whip up the enthusiasm in the sport on the local front.

The mixed martial art specialist [Lawrence Nmai] holds the WMAC K1 title having defeated Daniel Dorrer at The Battle of Martial Arts Masters.

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