Head honcho of the Ghana Football Association [Kurt E.S Okraku] has opined that it’s about time people let go of the happenings before and during the last elections and rather focus on the future of Ghana football.

According to Mr. Okraku people people should give credit to his game-changing team for the good work they did which ensured success came their way.

“We must give credits to the game-changing campaign team led by Jones Abu Alhassan and I think it is time that we let go of the happenings before and during the elections because the elections are over and therefore, we should focus on the future,” Mr. Okraku said in an interview with Joy [98.9] FM on Saturday.

The Game Changer [Kurt Okraku] denied the report that Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi played an instrumental role in his success of winning the GFA elections held on October 25, 2019, saying that Mr. Nyantakyi is too clever to have involved himself in the process.

“Let me put this across, I have no knowledge of Mr. Nyantakyi getting involved in my campaign.

“He is too clever to be involved because he knows that he can’t get himself involved in the process.”

Mr. Nyantakyi is serving a lifetime ban by FIFA to stay away from all football-related activities after he was implicated in the Anas exposé which was first aired in June 2018.