Klay Thompson is taking his victory lap south of the border.

Fresh off back-to-back NBA championships, the Warriors shooting guard and friends flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on a chartered jet, inviting a slew of Instagram models along for the ride, according to Terez Owens.

In footage obtained by the sports gossip site, Thompson’s party pals enjoyed extravagant accommodations at a beachside villa, later hopping aboard a luxurious yacht. Some even took to social media, documenting an evening of softball practice.

Thompson, 28, kept his own Instagram feed focused on Golden State’s latest conquest.

“ABOUT A WEEK AGOOOOOO!!! #3ofem,” Thompson posted Monday.

The three-time NBA champ isn’t the only Warrior on the party circuit as of late. Nick Young recently toasted his first championship season at 1 Oak, endorsing the legalization of cocaine.

Source: NYP