Former IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook promised he’d look good against little known Mark DeLuca.

After a slow start, Brook didn’t disappoint, starching DeLuca in round seven at Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England Saturday night.

The time was 1:15 seconds.

In the opening rounds, Brook (39-2, 27 KOs) pursued, while southpaw DeLuca moved and went to the body. Brook fired a few right hands to the face. DeLuca (24-2, 13 KOs) jabbed while Brook, looking a tad rusty, continued to stalk.

Brook lets his hands go more consistently in round three. He connected with a solid right followed by an uppercut. DeLuca’s nose was bleeding. Seconds later, Brook unloaded a number of shots—punctuated by a left hook. Deluca went down, but got up quickly.

DeLuca survived the round and came out punching in round four. Brook landed a couple of combinations. Deluca, a former marine, was showing his toughness, but Brook is a much better fighter. Deluca looked hurt again at the end of the round.

Brook,33, switched between southpaw and orthodox in round five. He tattooed DeLuca’s rapidly swelling face. DeLuca,31 kept firing big lefts. One landed. Brook worked DeLuca over at the end of the heat. Brook continued to beat up the game DeLuca in round six. He went to the body and head. DeLuca connected with a solid left.

Brook looked like he wanted to end things in round seven. He unloaded some heavy shots. A big right wobbled DeLuca. Seconds later, Brook landed a perfect left hook that collapsed DeLuca. He was unable to beat the count.

“I felt very fit,” said Brook. “Took me a few rounds to shake the rust. DeLuca was tough.”