Kawhi Leonard hasn’t been in Los Angeles for long, but he’s already managed to make an enemy. Alfred Coffee, a local chain, has banned Leonard and Paul George after both players joined the Los Angeles Clippers instead of the Lakers, according to Eater.

The chain made the announcement and promised more details were coming. Eater was able to confirm the ban is real, but expects it to be a tongue-in-cheek thing.

Angry Clippers fans weren’t having any of that. They bombarded Alfred Coffee’s Instagram page with comments complaining about the ban. Alfred Coffee apparently turned off comments on at least two posts due to those comments.

It’s unclear what will happen next in this saga. If the ban is tongue-in-cheek, Alfred Coffee will likely reverse it soon.

Will that lead to Leonard showing up at an Alfred Coffee to bury the hatchet? Probably not. He can get his regular black coffee — which we’re confident has to be Leonard’s order — at any of the thousands of other coffee shops in Los Angeles.

Source: Chris Cwik