Nine years ago, Roman Gonzalez won a close decision over Juan Francisco Estrada. Fans have begged for a rematch ever since.

They finally got their wish Saturday night as Estrada and Gonzalez met for the second time at the American Airlines in Dallas, TX. Saturday night. The result was a barnburner with Estrada being judged the winner by split decision.

Two judges had Estrada the winner by scores of 117-111 and 115-113. The third judge saw Gonzalez the winner by 115-113.

Maxboxing scored the fight for Gonzalez by a 115-113 tally.

In the opening stanza, Estrada (42-3, 28 KOs) came out aggressively popping Gonzalez with stinging jabs. He moved and let fly with hooks. Gonzalez, who a threw few token punches, looked a step behind as Estrada consistently got off first. Estrada lets his hands go in round two. Gonzalez landed a left and a right. Estrada fought back, but Gonzalez landed a lead right.

Estrada,31, got of first in the first thirty seconds of round three. Gonzalez (50-3, 41 KOs) fired back with hooks up and down. Estrada did the same. Gonzalez,33, bounced forward aggressively. Estrada countered. Both clipped each other with blows. The pace was fierce. Estrada moved while Gonzalez pursued. He landed a left hook. Gonzalez scored with a right. Estrada landed a combination. Gonzalez appeared to hurt Estrada with a big right. Estrada fought back as the crowd roared.

In rounds five and six, the frenetic action continued. Gonzalez fired blow after blow. A number of them landed. Estrada’s jab scored. Gonzalez stepped in with a right that scored. Seconds later so did a combination. Estrada rallied with combinations that rattled Gonzalez. He also dug to the body. Gonzalez clipped Estrada with an uppercut in round seven. Estrada fired a left hook that landed. A big right also caught Gonzalez. Estrada opened up with a combination. Gonzalez snapped Estrada’s head back with a left. You hit me and I’ll hit you.

Estrada went back to work in round eight. Gonzalez, looking slightly weary, fired back. Estrada connected with a left. Gonzalez scored with a classic combination. Estrada worked the body. Estrada jabbed and hooked in round nine. Gonzalez fought back as. Had he found his second wind? Estrada ate a one-two. He went to the body.

With three rounds to go, the fight was extremely close. Gonzalez got off to a good start in round 10. Estrada fired multiple left hooks. Gonzalez scored with short shots.

In round 11, Estrada came bombing. His corner had told him he’d need a knockout to win. He connected with a hard right and left. Gonzalez absorbed the blows. He landed a sneaky right. Estrada pushed Gonzalez back and let his hands go. Gonzalez fired hooks.

Both fighters let their hands go in the 12th and final round. Estrada kept trying to connect with a game changer. He landed a few, but so did Gonzalez.

“I think I did enough to win,” said Estrada. “Gonzalez is a great fighter. I knew it was a close fight.”

Source: John J. Raspanti