Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games bronze medallist [100m hurdles] – Megan Tapper has signed a sponsorship agreement with plant-based nutrition brand ATAQ.

“Competing at the highest possible levels getting nutrition right can make all the difference. I’ve been using ATAQ’s products for several years now and I feel a huge difference in my performance and recovery,” said Tapper who has been using the product since 2019.

CEO of ATAQ – Tammo Walter said the company was thrilled to have the affable Jamaican hurdler on board:

“We are super excited to have Megan be part of the ATAQ family. When you organically find someone that uses and believes so much in your products then that’s the best position to be in and working together,” Walter said.

“We are excited to not only help fuel her efforts and journey with our products but to get her insights, thoughts and feedback.”

Nikki Halbur, Co-Founder and COO of ATAQ explained that the company understands the needs of athletes.

“Understanding the athlete’s needs, demands and challenges make engaging with athletes like Megan crucial to provide effective products that athletes want to use. And that’s what is most important to us.”