Ivorian professional footballer – Serge Alain Stéphane Aurier has chronicled events that led to death of his younger brother, Christopher who shot dead outside of a nightclub in Toulouse, France in the early hours of last Monday, July 13.

Although in mourning mood, Aurier made himself available for selection and played in Tottenham Hotspurs 3-1 away win over Newcastle United on Wednesday night.

The 27-year-old has since discussed what led to the tragic incident:

“It was 7am. I was in bed at home when a friend sent me the image of a tweet,” Aurier told French publication La Depeche.

“I asked if he was with his girlfriend. But he had come home and gone out.

“I had to quickly tell my mother and anticipate it. I stayed in bed all day without moving. It was a difficult day.

“I met one of the friends who was with him. It’s a girl story. He was talking to an ex from a long time ago. Her new boyfriend wanted him to stop.

“Christopher did not answer. He ignored him. The guy went to buy food. He came back and shot him.

“His friend is a brave man. It’s hard to be with someone and see them dead the next second. I told him not to be angry. It was his day.”

Aurier further reiterated that the killer of his brother has handed himself to the French Police.

“It is good news that he surrendered. It’s very clever on his part,” he added.

“Today, we have to calm things down. I have no feeling of hatred or revenge. I work in a profession where you have to be calm. I’m calm. I have faith in justice.

“I am saddened, I am in regret. I continue to mourn the death of my brother.”

Meanwhile, Tottenham Hoptspur manager – Jose Mourinho has praised the defender for being able to play a competitive game two days after his brother had passed on. He also said he may consider to rest him in subsequent matches.