Physiotherapist and performance enhancement specialist – Yael Jagbir has explained how three-time Jamaican medallist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Shericka Jackson dealt with a troublesome injury that threatened her participation in the Summer Games.

The Saint Ann [Jackson] born claimed bronze medal in the 100m, gold in the 4x100m, as well as bronze in the 4x400m relays.

But, Jackson was on the cusp of missing the Games having suffered from severe shin splints, a condition that affects the tibia and produces sharp and razor-like pain along the bone.

Weeks after her great achievement in Tokyo, the specialist [Yael Jagbir] who treated the sprinter has explained how he dealt with the situation:

“It was pretty severe because if I even touched the area it was painful and she was unable to continue her season because of the pain she was in. She would have trouble warming up and things like that, so it was very severe initially,” Jagbir told SportsMax

“I’ve seen stress fractures that you definitely need surgery. If hers wasn’t treated properly it could have led to her needing to do surgery on her shins. It was right on the cusp of that point that she would have needed surgery,” she added.

After months of highly specialized treatment from Jagbir, however, the athlete slowly began to see improvement and the painstaking work really paid off in April, with the Olympic qualifiers just a few months away.

“Three months between September to November we were doing some very intense work, some pool therapy, land-based therapy. I was also doing treatment modalities to promote healing for the stress fractures,” Jagbir explained.

“When November came, she went back to training, we continued working with some modifications. In December, she did an x-ray and the x-ray showed that they were seeing signs of healing and that was the first time she was seeing healing in the shin from when it first started in 2019.”

“We just kept working, her work ethic is impeccable, so it was a good team effort. In April, when she did another x-ray, by that time the pain in the shin had really started to subside, she was able to train and able to sprint.

“When she went for the repeat x-ray, in April, it showed no signs of fractures. That was amazing, that was a miracle, for those fractures to heal while she was actually training is really amazing.”

Shericka Jackson will participate in the Profontaine Diamond League in Eugene, Oregon on Saturday, August 21.