By James K. Attaglo Wilson||

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero – so the wise saying goes and Isaac ‘The Royal Storm’ Dogboe demonstrated exactly that on Thursday after his early morning training schedule when he waxed some heavy bars about his 13-year-old younger brother Josiah Dogboe.

The WBO featherweight champion spoke in effusive way about how his younger brother helped him on his journey to winning the WBO featherweight world title:

“He’s been my sparring partner for a few years now.

“He’s a southpaw, very skillful and talented and fight just like Magdaleno.

“When we put the video out people said are this people really serious?

Team Doegoe joins the new champ Isaac Dogboe in the ring
Team Doegoe joins the new champ Isaac Dogboe in the ring
“How can you bring a 13-year-old as a sparring partner when you have a world title fight, but our plans are not our own.

“God’s plan is the best and whenever God says this is what I want you to be, nobody can change it. Destiny is destiny,” he adds.

Josiah Dogboe has stayed in the United Kingdom all his life but will be heading to the USA from Ghana to put himself into shape.

Known for his extraordinary disciplinary record, The Royal Storm [Isaac Dogboe] has already activated his training code with his father [trainer] Paul Dogboe as he seek to defend his title against Hidenori Otake on August 25 in the United State of America.

Paul Dogboe returned to Ghana unannounced, but it is evidently clear that the revered trainer came into the country with the aim of building a boxing dynasty having assembled a tight-knit boxing squad.

Credit: Dornu’s Corner