Puerto Rican lightweight contender – Felix Verdejo and Will Madera are set to fist off in a 10-round fight this evening at the MGM Grand bubble in Las Vegas.

Verdejo [26-1, 16 KOs], ranked by three of the four major sanctioning bodies ticked the scales at 135.9 lbs whiles Will Madera weighed at 135.8 lbs yesterday ahead of this evening fight.

Below are the weigh-in results:

• Felix Verdejo 135.9 lbs vs. Will Madera 135.8 lbs

[Lightweight — 10 Rounds]

• Jared Anderson 241.8 lbs vs. Hector Perez 220.7 lbs

[Heavyweight — 4 Rounds]

• Martino Jules 127 lbs vs. Aleem Jumakhonov 125.1 lbs

[Featherweight — 8 Rounds]

• Kenny Davis Jr. 134.5 lbs vs. Eduardo Sanchez 134.6 lbs

[Lightweight — 4 Rounds]

After making the weight, Felix Verdejo promised to put up a good show:

“Having passed the initial test of the scale, it is time to demonstrate tomorrow in the ring the result of all my dedication, effort, and perseverance.

“It will be different to fight in ‘The Bubble’ at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas without my fans, but I have no doubt that I will carry in my heart, my family, my people of Puerto Rico, and all who have supported me throughout my career.”