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Edward Affum has made some scathing revelations about the financial torture he went through while playing for Accra Great Olympics.

The former Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak attacker [Affum] signed two years contract with Great Olympics last year, but the contract had to come to an abrupt halt because of the clubs inability to honor its financial obligations as stated in the contract.

According to the 30yr old forward in an interview with Television CK [A digital TV on YouTube] explained that he saw the move to Great Olympics as an opportunity to re launch his career but he felt ill-treated by the club.

“Olympics game an opportunity, but I fell downtrodden in divers ways.

“I quizzed myself at times that why should a player on a contract pay for his transportation to training and beyond that the winning bonuses too were not forthcoming.

“My transportation from where I stay [Afienya] to Mamprobi [Indafa Park] where we train is GHC30 meanwhile I received GHC20 from the club on match days so I felt I was been short changed.

“What is interesting to note is that the junior players in the team also felt that we the senior players were receiving other benefits from the management.

“Because we [the senior players] used to counsel them [the junior players] not to give up and that they should not think too much about the financial benefits and continue to give in their best for the team because they might not know where their breakthrough would come from.

Affum further reiterated that trying to encourage players on behalf of management for a longer period has its own consequences because the bubble will finally bust when promises are not been fulfilled:

“Trying to encourage young players in a team also has its own challenges because it has the tendency of bringing apathy especially when management fails to honor their financial obligation over time.

“At times they [the junior players] will even tell you in the face that but for some other benefits we receive from back door, there was no way we the senior players would continue to be playing for the club forgetting that it’s the little investment we’ve made from our previous clubs that keeps us financially afloat.

Watch the full interview below:

“When you complain to management too they made it look as if we the senior players were worrying them with monetary issues which is quite unfortunate.

According to Affum, the Great Olympics players used to share their drinking water with the supporters who trooped the training grounds to catch a glimpse of their training.