Anthony Joshua’s path to the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world leads him directly to rival Deontay Wilder, but the Brit says that he will only accept the fight if it takes place on home soil.

It is being billed as the biggest blockbuster boxing match in a generation, but when Joshua and Wilder meet to unify the heavyweight division, it is the UK’s Joshua who is adamant he will come out on top.

“I ain’t got nothing to lose and I’m [going to] rain down hell on him – I’m going to f*** him up bad,” Joshua said in a recent interview.

“You’ve seen it, I can go to hell and back. I enjoy it there as well, this time I’m going to own it.”

A potential bout between two undefeated fighters to unify the heavyweight championships could be the biggest marquee boxing match in a decade.

Fan interest in what was traditionally boxing’s most popular division has dwindled somewhat since the days of Mike Tyson, whose wrecking ball offense was replaced by the slower, more methodical style employed by the Klitschko brothers, who dominated the division for the best part of 10 years.

A Joshua versus Wilder bout could fill any arena in the world, but if the fight does come to fruition, Joshua has one specific caveat: it must take place in the UK.

“So with this Las Vegas talk, I owe it to everyone in Great Britain that has been supporting me to do my best to get this fight in the UK, in my opinion, that’s number one,” Joshua said.

“He [Wilder] has kind of said, ‘alright, cool, come fight me in America.’ But the thing is with that, I owe it to the fans and everyone supporting me to do it here.

“And number two, if I go there, there’s a lot of tricks that they play in terms of referees and judges and that’s why I want to be at home where I’m secure. Luckily, we’ve got enough time to make the fight happen and we’re working on it.”

But once the talk is over and the gloves are laced up, Joshua says that he knows what to expect when that first bell rings.

“We’re big hitters, so for sure I’m going to be throwing a lot of combination punches and it’ll be interesting. I think he’ll be trying to pick punches. I’ll just be coming forward and swinging a lot of combinations, just trying to catch him and hurt him early on.”

Source: RT

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