Fastest woman alive, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce has admonished that it was not her intention to attack the late Florence Griffith-Joyner’s 100m record.

The reigning world champion clocked an astonishing 10.63 seconds to win the women’s 100m at the JAAA Destiny Series in Kingston on Saturday, becoming the fastest woman in history over the short distance behind the American [Griffith-Joyner].

But, speaking in a post sprint interview, the Mommy’s Rocket admitted that she only took to the tracks with the mindset of beating her 10.70 seconds time.

“Honestly, no, I wasn’t coming out here to run that fast.

“This year I just wanted to break the 10.7 barrier so now I can focus on making the team to the Olympics. It’s one part of the process.

“I was focused on getting my technique and everything together ahead of the national championship.

“In terms of the 10.6, I really wasn’t expecting it to be honest and maybe that was a good thing.”

Fraser-Pryce, who became one of only three women in history to defend an Olympic 100m title at the London 2012 Olympic Games added that she needs to keep her head cool ahead of the Jamaica National trials which takes place on June 24-27.

“I can’t get too complacent as I still have to make the national team at the national trials.”

Meanwhile, third fastest woman in history [Carmelita Jeter] took to social media to congratulate Fraser-Pryce’s performance:

“You have come back from having a child and showed the world how talented and driven you are.

“You are officially the fastest woman alive. Keep motivating these young queens.”