By El-Amisty Nobo

Football we are told most often is a game of chance, but at times the game of football can indeed be rather funny and so is exactly what happened on Monday, May 08 at the Accra Sports Stadium when Hearts of Oak took on West Africa Football Academy [WAFA] on matchday 14 of the 2016/2017 Ghana Premier League.

Hearts of Oak looked like they had run out of gas after seventy [70] minutes of what seemed like a competitive game and had to rely on an unrehearsed theatrical trick from their goalkeeper Samuel Akurugu to go home with a 2-1 victory over league leaders, WAFA.

But the real truth is, should the soccer physicians [WAFA] had not reinvented their game plan in the last twelve [12] minutes of the match anonymity might have perhaps caught up with Samuel Akurugu who had enjoyed a cool 35 minutes second half holidaying in the goal post watching the WAFA players stroking the ball from one end to the other except not trying their luck at goal.

In fact, the introduction of Richard Danso, Richmond Lamptey, and the ever dazzling Emmanuel Boateng in the second half did not only magnetized the WAFA midfield but also caved in Hearts of Oak’s midfield quartet led by Thomas Abbey who had worked tirelessly on the day.

It was obvious that their movement and passing game reflected deep into the eyes of Samuel Akurugu who magically got stricken himself on the pitch without the notice of the referee to come to his aid.

In a moment, the Hearts of Oak goalie [Samuel Akurugu] went to the ground, began to remove his pair of gloves in an attempt to waste time, but on realizing that WAFA was still keeping the ball in play and initiating an attack, he quickly got back to his feet and put on his gloves under a second only to be saved by defender, Vincent Atinga who kicked the ball to touch.

Samuel Akurugu quickly went down again, removed his gloves and called for the attention of the referee who came to his aid this time around.

This was in time added on where the soccer physicians were comfortably threading the ball amongst themselves in the third half of the pitch with the aim of piercing through the Hearts defence to pull parity.

Samuel Akurugu was undoubtedly not the best player in the match, but it was his two [2] minute theatrics that might have saved the day for Hearts of Oak and finally became the subject matter soon after the game.

In the end, the same Hearts of Oak supporters who were bitterly chastising players of West Africa Football Academy in the same fixture last season for adopting a delay tactics were ‘madly’ rejoicing to Akurugu’s timely antics which solidified the persistent pressure from the soccer physicians.

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