One of the golden moments of the just ended Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was how a fourteen-year-old Chinese Quan Hongchan became an instant worldwide sensation and humongous celebrity having won gold medal in the women’s 10-metre platform.

In a dominant performance, two of Quan’s five dives at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre in Japan saw all seven judges scoring her 10’s in the five-round competition taking her total scoring points to 466.20.

Her mind blowing performance is now attracting thousands of tourists in her small hometown of Maihe in the province of Guangdong to take photos and broadcast livestreams, reported China Discipline Inspection and Supervision News.

According to the state news outlet, the village has been seeing up to 2,000 daily visitors, who reportedly hang around and make noise late into the night against the wishes of Quan’s family and neighbors.

Quan Hongchan – Tokyo 2020

The report further confirms that elderly people in the village were unable to sleep for two straight days because of the chaos. It added that some people have even been trying to pick from a jackfruit tree outside Quan’s home.

Videos and photos on Chinese social media platform Weibo show tourists crowding around village homes, drawing criticism from people in the comments.

Village authorities have had enough, and have since closed off the area to visitors, said local media.

Quan dedicated her gold medal to her sick mother:

“I want to make enough money to support her.

“I listened to my coach very carefully and follow his instructions very carefully.”

Quan’s mother has been in the hospital on many occasions after being in a serious car accident few years ago.