With the English Premier League and Italian Serie A coming to an end, football lovers are now looking forward to the completion of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

Nevertheless, the performance of various players during the 2019/2020 season must be acknowledged.

The Team of the season has equal representation of 3 players from each league with Bundesliga being an exception.

Bayern Munich Lewandowski who scored 34 goals in 31 appearances and Pavard with 8 goal contributions and 2 clearances per game are the only players representing the Bundesliga.

Sergio Ramos is the skipper as his 11 goal record this season makes him the highest scoring defender in La Liga (68 goals).

Italian Serie A Golden Boot winner Ciro Immobile (36 goals) and English Premier League winner Virgil Van Dijk are represented in the team of the season.

For more details on other players who made the team of the season, check the team sheet below.

Team of the Season

By Jacob Ashong-Mettle