The beef between Franchon Crews (6-1, 2 KOs) and Maricela Cornejo (13-4, 5 KOs) needed to be settled in the ring once and for all. Crews won a majority decision in their first fight, and a rematch had to be scheduled to decisively settle the score.

Crews and Cornejo have engaged in much verbal sparring, and there’s no better way to resolve their differences than in the ring on Mexican Independence Day weekend. Both came out the gate firing, with Crews getting the better of the opening exchange. Cornejo stayed on the back

foot for the better part of round 1, while Crews tried to fight her way in and flurry on the inside. Crews won the opening stanza with her effective aggression and in-fighting.

Crews buckled Cornejo with a hard-straight right in the second, and continued to stay the aggressor, while Cornejo tried to throw off the back foot.

Crews consistently landed her right hand, capitalizing whenever Cornejo dropped her lead left during the third. Cornejo used her jab to fend off Crews, but Crews was the one landing with power.

Cornejo was backed up by yet another right hand from Crews in the fourth, and Cornejo seemed to be frustrated by the same punch landing continuously. Cornejo had her most successful round in the fifth, landing a couple of nice check left hooks that earned Crews’ respect. Her best combination of the round was a lead right followed by a left hook.

The sixth round was competitive, as both fighters traded power punches, and Cornejo began to command better with her jab. Cornejo had started to make her way back into the fight.

In the seventh, Crews reverted back to what had worked for her. She once again fought her way inside and landed a couple of hard right hands on the side of Cornejo’s head. Cornejo looked to be the more fatigued fighter, and failed to land her power punches and jab.

Cornejo grew discouraged, and even threw to the back of Crews’ head in the eighth. Crews rushed her way inside, and flurried when she was within range. Cornejo stayed on the defensive throughout the eighth and ninth rounds, and was staggered by a strong left hook at the end of the ninth. Crews was the aggressor once again in the tenth, and Cornejo was hurt by a barrage of punches while she was along the ropes.

Their first fight was close, but this time Crews looked much improved and lighter on her feet. She was able to push her way inside effectively, and capitalized on Cornejo’s defensive lapses in order to continuously land her right hand.

“The Heavy-Hitting Diva” Franchon Crews won a wide unanimous decision, and instantly cried tears of joy after the verdict was read by ring announcer Joe Martinez. After the fight, Crews mentioned that her win was dedicated to women boxers everywhere, and she hopes her performance ends up inspiring other women around the world.

Crews called out Alejandra Jimenez (12-0-1, 9 KOs) and said, “I’m not here for a good time, I’m here for a long time. This is the land of the warriors, not the posers, not the models.” Franchon Crews is on a high after her big victory, and hopes her showing earns her other big chances against some of the world’s top female fighters. She sarcastically noted that DAZN will have to change its name after her future victories, saying “by the time I finish, it’s going to be Dezurn.”

Source: Max Warren