Sports journalist Dan Kweku Yeboah has been appointed the spokesperson for FIFA/CAF liaison team mandated to manage football in the country.

The renowned sports broadcaster will team-up with Dr Kofi Amoah and Francis Oti Akenteng who make up the two-man liaison team.

Government after a meeting with FIFA appointed the two men to liaise between FIFA and CAF as heads of Ghana Football.

The two men replaced an initial five-member committee set up by the government.

Dan Kweku Yeboah, who was appointed as spokesperson for the abortive five-member committee has been tasked again to be the voice of the two-member team thus Dr Kofi Amoah and Oti Akenteng.

He will hence be working as the mouthpiece for the two notable men who temporarily lead Ghana football.

Both Dr Kofi Amoah and Oti Akenteng met with the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) and stakeholders to discuss and see how things will be resolved to enable football activities kickstart.