Aliann Pompey has been named to represent the interests of female athletes in the Americans following her appointment as a member of the Executive Committee of the World Olympians Association on Thursday.

Pompey, a four-time Guyanese Olympian contested for the position against Barbados Olympian Freida Nicholls.

Meanwhile, the 2002 Commonwealth Games 400m gold medalist [Pompey] urged Nicholls during the virtual World Olympians Association’s General Assembly.

“I always do my best when representing the Golden Arrowhead, but with the two of them behind me it was almost as if I couldn’t fail to a certain extent,” said Pompey after receiving the news.

She expressed her gratitude for the support and vowed to represent the female athletes from the region well.

“So I’m very grateful for their support and it would mean even more so now with these added responsibilities.”

Pompey [42yrs] was elected President of the PanAm Sports Athlete Commission in December 2019.