By James K. Attaglo Wilson [Reporting from New South Wales, Australia]

Channel Nine, a New South Wales [Sydney] based TV network has been deprived of its Commonwealth Games accreditation having broadcast footages of the opening ceremony dress rehearsals ahead of the Gold Coast 2018 Games.

According to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation [GOLDOC], Channel Nine News Network broadcasting footage from rehearsals for the opening ceremony is a clear breach of agreement, hence the decision to suspend its accreditation until further notice.

“GOLDOC has informed Nine Network Australia that their GC2018 media accreditation has been suspended until further notice,” a statement from GOLDOC read.

“Channel 9 News broadcast footage of Saturday night’s Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal, which breached News Access Rules and accepted industry conventions regarding confidentiality of Games ceremonial rehearsals.

“GOLDOC expects all media organizations to abide by the agreed rules,” it adds.

The GOLDOC insists that media organizations seeking to cover official events of the upcoming Commonwealth Games would have to abide by a list of rules.

Meanwhile, the New South Wales based TV channel is negotiating an end to the suspension.

“An error was made in our News last night,” a spokesman for the network revealed.

“We are in discussions with the Commonwealth Games authorities to restore our accreditation and hope to have the situation resolved as soon as possible,” he assured.

The Opening and the Closing Ceremonies of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games tipped to be two of the biggest cerebrations the Gold Coast has ever witnessed will come off on April 04 [Opening Ceremony] and April 15 [Closing Ceremony] at the Carrara Stadium in Queensland.

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