Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Athletics Association – Bawa Fuseini has shoot down the claim by the Ghana Olympic Committee in flames, saying that the GOC has not paid $100,000 to the GAA as is being speculated.

Mr. Bawa Fuseini set the record straight in an interview with UTV Ghana:

“Prior to embarking on our journey to Poland, three letters [to the Ministry, NSA, and the GOC] were prepared by myself.

“The National Sports Authority promised to give us air tickets for the World Athletics Relays which they did, the Ministry of Youth and Sports also promised to give us $10,000 and they also fulfilled their part of the bargain, but we are yet to hear from the Ghana Olympic Committee,” Bawa Fuseini said.

Did the GOC not give you [GAA] money? Romeo quizzed Bawa.

“No, the GOC did not give us money with regards to the World Athletics Relays,” he replied.

“In fact, the GOC did not even acknowledged our letter to them so I made a follow up to see the President – Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah.

“Upon meeting him, I made it known to him that we have written two letters [ANOC Relief Grant and one other for the World Athletics Relays] to the GOC but, we [GAA] are yet to hear from them.

“I later engaged them on the ANOC Relief Grant because I even heard from somewhere that they were accusing me of playing politics with the GOC, but my question was, how would someone who needs money like me play politics with them.

“So I then began to work with them on how to get the ANOC grant, so if that is what they have paid into our account then I can’t tell because I’m yet to get such information from my bankers, but the GOC promised to pay that particular money.”

The Chief Executive Officer added that the claim by the GOC that they have paid almost $100,000 to the GAA since 2020 for Ghana’s preparations cannot be true, stating that the only money the GAA has received from the GOC is $10,000 [paid to them in 2020] instead which was meant for their preparations towards the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar.