Former Vice President of the Ghana Football Association – George Afriyie has made a passionate call on the current administration to desist from interfering with the work of coach C.K Akunnor.

Speaking to Muftawu Nabila Abdulai on the AM Sports Show [on Joy TV], the former FA Vice President claimed that favoritism is one of the reasons why people prefer foreign coaches in the management of the Black Stars than a local coach is that there is a school of thought which suggest that the local coaches are easily influenced in their choice of selection.

“We should take away favoritism [in player call ups]. This one belongs here so we’ll not call him, that one belongs here so don’t call him. This will not help the Black Stars.

“Please, these are some of the reasons why people will call for a white man to coach the Black Stars, but since we have opted to go for one our own [C.K Akunnor] to coach the Black Stars let us leave him to work.

“Let’s give him all the needed support for him to work.

“C.K Akunnor must have his peace of mind to work, that is all I’m calling for.”

The bankroller of Division One League side [Okyeman Planners] reiterated that such acts did not happen during Kwasi Nyantakyi’s reign as the FA President.

“One of the things I can boast of is that during my time with Kwasi Nyantakyi we never interfered with national team call ups.

“We believed that the coaches were capable and competent so we should allow them to do their work.”