Welbeck Olivierra Aryeh, a leading Ghanaian traditional wrestler has undergone special training in some traditional martial arts and certified in Brazil.

The employee of the Ghana Sports Authority [NSA] was certified with excellent marks for the proper purpose that he participated in intensive training of mixed martial arts, judo, Brazilian jiu – jitsu and Qazaq Kuresi under the supervision of Professor Victor Grigoleto Oliveira from May 23, 2018 to June 14, 2018.

The programme was organized by the International Fight Organization and Revans Judo in Brazil.

On his return from Sao Paulo, Aryeh said the course has really exposed him to modern trends in the traditional martial arts, and he hopes to teach many people in Ghana.

He said in an exclusive interview that the government or sports authorities must give the youth opportunities in sports so that they would be commited as patriotic citizens and not go wayward.

Olivierra Aryeh
Olivierra Aryeh
He hinted that there are regional, continental and world championships always going on, but Ghana does not take part.

He also appealed to corporate Ghana to support sportsmen and women who go out to participate in international games and tournaments as they always go as ambassadors.

According to Aryeh, sports has made him travel a lot and still loves to work in Ghana.

He noted that not every one in Ghana loves football, but there are many people who love boxing, tennis, golf, athletics and others.

Incidentally, he has been involved in so many sporting disciplines, and he chose traditional wrestling.

Source: Sammy Heywood Okine