By James K. Attaglo Wilson

Richard Lartey produced an underwhelming performance at the Wembley Arena in London last night as Fabio Wardley floored the tough talking Ghanaian heavyweight boxer in the second round to extend his unbeaten record to 10 victories.

Having lost to Daniel Dubois the last time, the Accra based heavyweight boxer [Lartey] stepped out of his trunks in the early minutes of the bout with his clubbing right hand.

But Wardley exploded in the second round, sending the Ghanaian down with an explosive one-punch knockout [1:22 sec].

Referee Victor Loughlin quickly wave it off as Lartey collapsed on the spot and was counted out before the medics were called in to help resuscitate him.

The Ghanaian [Lartey] lied on the floor for some few minutes before he could be lifted carefully to a stool where he spent several more minutes to recover.