By Felix Frimpong

Ghana has been chosen as the preferred destination to host the rebirth of the All African Sports Awards.

The Awards aimed at ensuring that Africa’s rich sporting legacy is not left in the hands of others and that Africans are entrusted with ensuring a lasting monument in the global arena of sports was last held in Ghana on November 17, 2007 at the Banquet Hall of the State House.

Nominees for the award will be drawn from the whole of Africa and every athlete who stratifies the election criteria would be considered.

Candidates would be selected based on performance. That is, Olympic Championships, World Championships, World Record Holder, Commonwealth Championships and Pan African Championships.

The event will be certified in October when ANOCA President [General Palenfo] and the President of the African Sports Confederation, General Ahmed Nasser pays a working visit to Ghana.

The Awards would be managed and coordinated by Media Majique.

Source: Ghana Olympic Committee