They say power is the great equalizer. That old saying was in full force Saturday night as power-punching WBA lightweight champion Gervonta Davis [24-0, 23 KOs] ended an intense fight with fellow champion Leo Santa Cruz by delivering a wicked uppercut in round six at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

The time was 2:40 seconds.

The bout got off to a fast start in round one. Both fighters came out jabbing and looking for more. In a moment of foreshadowing, Davis connected with an uppercut. He also went to the body. Santa Cruz, already bleeding, jabbed. As expected, Davis, the southpaw, pressed Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz [37-2, 19 KOs] fired a right but ate a left to the gut to end an action packed three mins.

Santa Cruz fired a lead right in round two. He also landed a left. Davis let fly with a number of lefts, but missed most of them. Santa Cruz backed Davis into the ropes and unleased. Davis nailed him with an uppercut. Davis used his jab more in round three. Santa Cruz connected with a left. Davis went to the body effectively.

In round four, Santa Cruz dug to the body. Davis said fine, and returned fire with his own body and head shots. Santa Cruz absorbed the blows and fought back. Davis landed another one-two to the belly. Santa Cruz got off first in the opening seconds of round five. Davis fired combinations. Santa Cruz stayed in the pocket and took them. OK at the moment, but a bad idea a few minutes later. He swarmed Davis who went back to jabbing.

Santa Cruz fired blows downstairs in round six. He also connected with a right. And an uppercut. Davis, now the super featherweight champion as well, kept working. His right eye was bruised. He landed two crunching left hooks. Santa Cruz fought back, but seconds later, Davis stepped in and let go with a vicious uppercut from his hip that knocked Santa Cruz cold. He fell on his back under the ropes.

Thankfully, after a worrisome two minutes, Santa Cruz sat up with smile. Davis applauded his fallen foe.

“It [the uppercut] was right there,” said Davis. “He’s a tough warrior.”