Talk is cheap.

At least most of the time.

“Most” was in play Saturday night as Gervonta Davis stopped big-talker Rolando Romero in round six at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Davis [27-0, 25 KOs] retained something the WBA calls the regular lightweight title.

Romero said before the fight he’d knock Davis out in the first round.

Didn’t happen.

Romero jabbed while Davis studied. He landed a left and a right in a tentative opening round.

At the bell, Davis reminded Romero of his incorrect prediction. Romero pressured Davis in round two – landing a shot. Davis countered and retreated. Seconds later, another left found pay dirt.

In round three, Romero [14-1, 12 KOs] let fly with blows. He mostly missed but did connect with a hook. Davis found his face with a left. The former IBF champion turned more aggressive in the last 30 seconds.

Davis moved to his left in round four. He still wanted to box. Romero wanted to stalk. Davis stepped in with a straight left. Romero fired a right to the belly. Davis countered.

The power chess match continued in round five.

Davis clocked Romero with two hooks and a solid body shot. Romero stalked but whiffed.

Romero used his left as a range finder in round six.

Davis connected with another left. His lateral movement was consistent.

Romero chased him. Would he run into a punch?


Romero forced Davis into the ropes, but Davis timed his aggressiveness perfectly. Romero’s head was up. Davis stepped in with a sweeping left that sent Romero to dreamland. The challenger beat the count, but the referee had seen enough. He called the fight off.

Time was 2:39 seconds into round six.

“I want to thank God for this victory,” said Davis. “I want to thank Rolly and his team. He was strong. I’m here, baby.”

A dazed Romero left the ring without commenting.

Source: John J. Raspanti