Ghanaian boxer – George ‘The Red Tiger’ Ashie failed to grab a golden opportunity on Saturday night as he was walked and dropped in round seven by Alexis Rocha at the YouTube Theatre in their scheduled [12 rounds] NABO welterweight fight.

After a boring first round, The Red Tiger broke the ice in the second round with a pair of hooks that forced the pride of Santa Ana to quickly respond. George Ashie was looking to work on the body but his ineffectiveness did not help him to execute his plan properly.

However, a left hook loosened Ashie’s legs, but he drew strength to come back on his feet and clinched to buy time as Rocha continued to work with hooks, mostly to the body of the Ghanaian boxer who went down with less than 10 seconds left in round three.

Ranked No. 4 in the WBO rankings [welterweight], Alexis Rocha decided to test the readiness of Ashie in the third round, going toe-to-toe with The Red Tiger who stood to the test using his left hand as his best weapon in the process, closing the round with two-punch combination into the face of Rocha.

There was a headbutt in the sixth round by George Ashie and Rocha is cut on the eyebrow. The Red Tiger unleashed his best weapons to make the cut bigger, but Rocha raises his guard and keeps the job to the body to avoid any surprises.

Rocha went forward in the seventh round to try and finish the business with a double overhand right hook which sent Ashie to the ropes.

Ashie survived, but could not handle the following right hand that caught him completely off guard and sent him to dreamland.