Danny Garcia, who entered the ring a 25-1 favorite, scored a one-sided 12 round decision over Ivan Redkach at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY Saturday night.

Two judges scored the fight 117-111, while the third had it 118-110.

In the opening stanza, Garcia cracked Redkach with a combination. Redkach, a southpaw, jabbed to the body.

Garcia (36-2, 21 KOs) had success with a southpaw’s kryptonite, right hands. Redkach bobbed and feinted in round two. Garcia was looking to counter. Redkach attacked the body. Garcia did the same. A left hook to the ribs also landed. Garcia split Redkach’s guard in round three. His punches were accurate.

Redkach (23-5-1, 18 KOs) was trying to time Garcia, but the former two-time division was doing his thing in his own way. He had banked the first three rounds with ease.

In round four, Garcia wobbled Redkach with a sweeping left. His right hand to the body was bothering Redkach. He unloaded some more. Redkach needed to get Garcia’s respect. His hooks were missing.

Garcia countered with lefts in round five. He also fired an overhand right. Redkach was hurt, but gutsy. He fired back. Garcia went south of the border with a few punches in round six.

Redkach tried to go downstairs. Garcia kept working. A right snapped Redkach’s head back. Redkach landed to the belly in round seven. Garcia cracked Redkach with two rights. He also landed an uppercut. Redkach, bleeding from a cut over his left eye, looked gassed as he made his way to his corner.

The only question was, would Redkach be able go the distance. Garcia went back to work in round eight. He was breaking Redkach down. Garcia connected with a three-punch combination. Redkach was hanging in, but that wasn’t enough. His corner told him before round nine that he’d have to fight back or they’d stop it. Stopping the fight was definitely in the equation. Garcia was in full stalk mode in round nine. He landed a number of thudding blows. Redkach surprised Garcia with a jab. Garcia blocked and caught Redkach with a sharp combination. Garcia fired three straight right hands in round 10. Redkach, who somehow had found his second win, fired a number of hard bodyshots.

In round 11, Garcia landed a counter right. Redkach was still there and punching. Garcia fired right hands, but had slowed down a little.

Obviously Redkach would need a knockout to win. Garcia, in 37 professional fights, has never been down. Redkach needed a miracle, and Gracia wasn’t about to capitulate. Redkach fired and Garcia ducked and countered till the end of the fight.

“I thought the referee was going to stop the fight, said Garcia. “I really wanted the knock out bad. I felt good, but I didn’t feel my best.”

Former unified junior middleweight champion Jarrett Hurd, fighting for the first time since losing his titles to Julian Williams, boxed and punched his way to wide decision victory over Francisco Santana. The fans would have preferred more slugging.

The scores were 97-92, and 99-90 (twice)

Hurd (24-1, 16 KOs) moved and jabbed Santana silly in the opening round. He landed a clubbing right. Santana followed but didn’t cut off the ring. He did work the body. Hurd kept popping his jab in round two. The influence of new trainer Kay Koroma was obvious. He also connected with an uppercut.

Santana, a natural welterweight, connected with a short-left hook in round three. Hurd landed a combination in round four. Both fighters connected with uppercuts. Hurd was outworking Santana consistently.

In round five, Santana (25-8-1, 12 KOs) punched more. Hurd stayed in the pocket and countered. He cracked Santana with number of hooks. Santana absorbed them. Hurd went back to jabbing in round six. he could pretty much do what he wanted against the smaller man.

Santana tried to work Hurd over in round seven. The blows had no effect. Hurd appeared to be taking the round off. The fans didn’t like it as a few boos cascaded round the arena.

Hurd, likely conscious of the fans unrest, fired more power punches in rounds eight and nine. A number of them landed. Santana stayed upright. Hurd boxed part of the of the 10th and final round and unloaded in the last 40 seconds. He cracked Santana with hooks and an uppercut to produce the only knockdown of the fight.

“The crowd don’t like it, but I got the unanimous decision,” said Hurd. ”We came out here and got the job done.”