The game of Footgolf has received a major boost toward the development of the sport in the African continent, following the presentation of a world press conference to key stakeholders in Cameroon during the just concluded African cup of nations.

At the world press conference in Yaoundé Cameroon,  the president of the confederation of African Footgolf [CAF G]
Mr. Agbor Clinton called on African sportsmen and women to embrace the game of footgolf, which he described as a superhighway for all men and women irrespective of age.

While answering questions from Pressmen during the world press Conference, President of the Confederation of Africa FootGolf  Mr. Agbor Clinton said the sport of footgolf, which is the millennium game, is a sport that combines two great sports Football and Golf in one great sport called  FootGolf.

The CAF G president said the purposed of the world press conference in Cameroon was to introduce the game to Africa and equally send a strong signal that Africa is ready to fully participate in the game of FootGolf.

Let me reassure you of all of the support from the  Confederation of African FootGolf in line with the Federation International of FootGolf [FIFG] the world ruling body of the game of  FootGolf.

FootGolf is a game that works exactly as its sound, delivering a combination of the two beautiful games and could be played between individuals or groups/teams. The game of footGolf has been in existence and will hold its 4th world cup in the month of May and June 2023  in America.

I encourage you all to take the sport of Footgolf very seriously and set up clubs and teams in your various countries as its potential is great, let me announce here today that the confederation of African FootGolf will be glad to see many African countries in the next year’s  FootGolf world cup in Orlando USA. the 4th edition can not be completed without Africa the home of sports.

Responding on behalf of other countries present, the leader of Central Africa Republic CAR, Mr. Bienvenu Elie said he will champion the development of the sports of footgolf in CAR  and expressed confidence with the leadership of CAF G.

Over sixteen countries took part in the Footgolfs World press conference in Cameroon with the host sports minister being represented by Janvier Mama Njikam.

Source: Confederation of African Footgolf