Football Federation Australia [FFA] Chairman Steven Lowy confirmed on Friday he won’t be renominating himself for the position.

Lowy replaced his father Frank in 2015 but has been plagued by issues since taking up the post.

An ongoing conflict over the governance of the game in Australia has seen FIFA introduce a ‘congress review working group’ with Lowy opting to step aside in order to allow issues to be properly addressed.

“I want to get the focus back on the core principle and not on personalities,” Mr Lowy said.

“By removing myself from the debate I hope to encourage a proper analysis of the real issues so that an outcome can be achieved that is in the interests of the whole of the game.”

The CRWG report was recently made public and is seeking a more representative governance for Australian football.

Lowy and the FFA however, firmly believe truly independent governance is essential.

“I wanted to make it clear that I would not under any circumstances wish to serve in a governance structure where independence of the game was compromised,” he said.

Steven Lowy
Steven Lowy
“The CRWG model would do just that. Acting as a block as they have done throughout the process.

“Australian football faces an existential question: how to govern the game? Through vested interests or true independence.

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. We’re at a tipping point. It could get stronger or it could break if vested interests prevail.”

Despite the current state of affairs and his decision to step aside, Lowy believes the game is in a much stronger position that it was.

“Our critics are fond of talking the game down – they say it’s broken,” he said.

“Without question we have challenges, we are far from perfect and hard work lays ahead to fulfil our potential.

“But no fair-minded person can say the game is not in a better condition than 15 years ago or even a few years ago.”

Lowy will remain in his position until the end of November when the next FFA annual general meeting will be held and had no opinion on who should succeed him.

Source: SN