Floyd Mayweather Jr. is in legal trouble again, this time for accusations he’s failed to pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry he took home months ago.

In court documents obtained by Atlanta Black Star, Eric & Co Trading Group, a New York-based jeweler, filed suit against Mayweather on October 19, alleging that the retired boxing champ obtained jewelry from him on June 5 while in Miami for his exhibition match against YouTuber Logan Paul but has failed to remit payment for the items valued at $389,550.

According to the legal complaint, Mayweather and the jeweler had a prior relationship that entailed the company advancing him pieces and submitting payment months later, however, those days may be behind both parties now.

The Mayweather Promotions boss stopped by a pop-up shop run by Eric & Co Trading and walked away with over 30 pieces of jewelry, that he was supposed to pay for at a later date, including a 14K yellow gold tennis bracelet valued at $11,500, a 7.1-carat platinum heart-shaped diamond eternity band worth $22,500, three large white gold timepieces valued at $35,000, and more.

The day after the transaction, Eric & Co Trading Group texted a balance owed to Mayweather, who replied “Thanks Family,” but has since “made it clear to Plaintiff that he has no intention of paying for such merchandise.”

In response, the company is seeking payment for the jewelry, as well as “costs, attorney’s fees, the cost of opportunity loss, and such other and further relief.” At the time of this article’s writing, Mayweather has not publicly addressed the lawsuit.

Mayweather’s June 6 boxing match against Paul went for eight three-minute rounds each. Although there were no judges, official scoring was not kept, and the fight won’t go on either’s professional record, ESPN tallied it 78-74 for Mayweather.

Source: Jasmine Alyce