The Normalisation Committee of the Ghana Football Association has rejected the appeal filed by Wilfred Kweku Osei Palmer over his disqualification from the upcoming GFA Elections.

Osei filed his appeal on Monday, October 7 after the NC announced on October 4 that he had been disqualified from the elections.

The NC said that Osei had breached regulations on ethics and mandatory payments to the GFA in relation to player transfers.

According to the NC on Tuesday, Osei’s appeal was filed after the 4pm deadline and thus, was not received by the Committee but these claims have been rejected by Osei’s camp saying that all documentation had been submitted as required and they were done so at the right time.

On Monday, Osei, put out a tweet saying that the appeal had been sent to the GFA Office.

It is unclear what how the story will evolve especially as both the NC and the Osei camp may decide to dig their heels in and hold their respective positions on this matter.